Thursday, 17 March 2016

Who is your favourite character?

In Literacy, we have been doing lots of work on story, namely George’s Marvellous Medicine. We’d like you to tell us about your favourite character from any book! Can you describe them using adjectives? Maybe you can write a description using super sentences? You could also draw them or paste a picture into your work.
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  1. One of my favourite characters is Horrid Henry. Henry is horrid because he is unkind to his brother Peter. He calls him a little bit of slime. He is funny and cheeky and he is silly. He is naughty because he plays tricks on people. Peter calls Mum and Dad when Horrid Henry is being mean and he gets told off. His parents always say, "Don't be horrid, Henry!"
    I like him because he's always naughty. He does things that I would never do but I think it is funny. I like it when he doesn't get his own way because he shouldn't be naughty.
    By Finley Turner

  2. Callum's favourite character is Iron Man. Ewan's favourite character is Pilots. Martha's favourite character is Merida. Jack's favourite character is Jack from the beanstalk story.

  3. My Favourite character is the third little pigs from the "Three little pigs".
    The pink intelligent third little pig built the brick house. He was really great at it. The third little pig is fabulous at building things. The third little pig is happy building it. He is the best at it. The third little pig is really awesome. The third little pig is really clever too. The third little pig is creative. The third little pig is smart.
    By Angel-Jane Moloney